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A membership to our private client group gives you access to invest in minerals and royalties that have been pre-screened by the Legacy Income Properties team.
Browse our marketplace and learn more about specific properties. Each opportunity is listed with detailed information to make due diligence very efficient.
Once you select a property, simply submit a letter of intent with details of how ownership will be titled and a formal purchase order will be generated.
To finalize the purchase, transfer your investment funds and we will record the deeds, notify any operators on your behalf and send you copies of all the documents.


Our management team has handled over 200 mineral asset transactions totaling over $15M in mineral and royalty investments.

Legacy Income Properties


For the past 7 years Legacy's management team has been helping our exclusive members invest in real estate – subsurface real estate via mineral and royalty interest. Since 2009 we’ve handled over 200 mineral asset transactions totaling over $15,000,000 in mineral and royalty investments.

We have a proven business model of acquiring producing royalties coupled with mineral ownership positions prior to development which offers:

+ Potential for lower acquisition costs & reduced competition
+ Zero leverage / Zero debt
+ Ability to target acquisitions based on permit trends & existing infrastructure
+ Flush production from newly drilled wells for potential accelerated return of initial invested capital

Our approach paves the way for diversified Royalty Portfolios with an integrated focus on short-term cash flow and long-term growth potential.

For accredited investors looking to diversify their portfolio, Legacy Income Properties offers an easy platform that serves as a bridge connecting them to previously inaccessible investment opportunities.

So whether you are an accredited investor wanting to diversify your portfolio into an alternative real estate asset class, an investor trying to self-direct your IRA, or a real estate investor completing a 1031 exchange...join Legacy Income Properties today to take your alternative investing into the 21st century.

Legacy Income Properties, where there’s more to our real estate than meets the eye.

Here are just a few of the companies that pay us monthly royalties: